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Video recording yourself and your charts before, during, and after each trade

Recently reading Brett's middle book "Enhancing Traders Performance". In each of his books, Brett is a big fan of video recording trading sessions for later review.

I recently played with this, and I'm ready to start video recording myself as an experiment. Camtasia makes this easy, it can record your screen and your webcam simultaneously and then mux that into a single picture-in-picture video. It's not super difficult once you practice getting it setup and remembering to pause between trades. I find that when I talk things through outloud it reinforces them, so I am going to experiment with this and practice talking outloud about my trades, then review the recordings and analyze patterns in my trading.

I will keep the raw recordings around after the fact, but I think what is more useful is to keep a separate "Video Analysis Journal" so you can refer to a specific event within a specific video, and make notes. I'm thinking of creating some columns in a spreadsheet that might capture some typical behavioral or trading-related conditions, and either grading myself or something like this.

So the idea would be to set the recording each morning. When entering a trade, remember to unpause the video. Talk about the trade, let the webcam capture your audio and video (body language), and the software also capture your entry chart. Talk about the trade prior to putting it on, during, and after so you can go back and match up what you were saying (thinking) to what your actions where and what really happened in the market.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to do a "post-video analysis", like how to break down the trades/events in the video so I can measure them as metrics and run some sort of analysis once I have a large enough sample?

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