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The Trading Wiki is launched

Hey guys,

For many months now I've been wanting to add a Wiki to the site. For the past several weeks, I've finally had a chance to do that, and the moderating team and myself have been working on it.

I decided we needed a wiki because we needed to bring some structure to the forum. Right now, the forum itself is great for discussions, but not good for presenting or finding structured/organized information. It lacks the ability to present summarized information on topics. It's not the fault of the forum, it was designed as a discussion system after all.

A wiki can fix that. A wiki will act as a repository of information. The wiki itself is not meant for discussion, rather it is meant for organization and summaries of a wide range of topics. Let me try to paint a picture for you to give an example.

Right now, many traders on BMT come here looking for more exotic chart types (ie: Renko, MedianRenko, SbsRenko, WickedRenko, NoGapRangeBars, etc). Sure, there is information on these chart types spread out amongst 50,000 other posts on the forum. Sure, you can do a search for "medianrenko" and find information, but you'll get hits across hundreds of posts. It can be very difficult to find exactly what your looking for. Let's assume you are wanting to learn more about the advantages/disadvantages of each of these chart types, where to find them, and how to install and use them. That information is spread out across dozens and dozens, maybe 100+ posts.

Enter the wiki. With the wiki, a new article can be created for each of these chart types. An article for Renko, an article for MedianRenko, SbsRenko, WickedRenko, NoGapRangeBars, and etc. Within each of these articles an overview of the chart type can be presented, including advantages and disadvantages. It can also include links to downloading the indicator (still maintaining our Elite-only hierarchy where applicable), and/or links on discussion threads on the forum.

Since each of these articles have a similar core theme of "Bar Types", they can easily be placed in a category called "Bar Types". This way at the bottom of each of the article pages, the Category is shown, and clicking the category shows all the other articles that are also a member of the "Bar Types" category. This makes it very easy to find all these exotic chart types very easily.

That is just one example. Hundreds more exist, and I hope your creative juices are flowing  A wiki is globally editable. That means that any member of BMT can create a new wiki, or edit an existing wiki that was created by someone else. A moderation queue exists to prevent any bad things from happening. The principle behind a wiki is to allow everyone to participate to improve the article and make it as good as it can be.

As articles are created within the wiki, posts on the forum that contain matching keywords (article names) will be autolinked. For example, if I were to write a post discussing backtesting, the word backtesting is automatically linked to the wiki. When you mouse over the word, a brief description is shown, and when you click the link you are taken to the wiki article. This also helps facilitate finding information, because it is a natural extension of the posts themselves.

Here are some other key features of the wiki:
  • History/version control: see the article as it existed at each point-in-time, and exact changes that were made and by whom.
  • Supports redirects. Sometimes, an article topic may be frequently described using different words, for example backtest and backtesting. You can create a redirect so that these frequently used words redirect to the main article, just as backtest -> redirects to backtesting in my example.
  • Globally editable. Find an error? Care to improve an article? It's easy, just edit it and do fix it.
  • Watch wiki articles and receive notifications/updates if they change.
  • Autolinking: each word within a wiki that matches a keyword or phrase in the system will be autolinked to the article.
  • Searchable: you can use the same tools you use today to search posts, and they will now find wiki articles as well.
  • Discussions: you can discuss articles right from the wiki interface. The discussion feature is meant to talk about the layout or content of the article, not to talk about the topic itself. That is an important distinction.

Guys, I look forward to your feedback on the wiki. It is a big endeavor, but I've never shied away from challenging projects or time consuming ones. With your help, our wiki can make the entire site exponentially better!

The wiki is public. There is no Elite and non-Elite within the wiki. However, some articles may discuss Elite-only indicators or strategies, so should that be the case just remember to not post any attachments that you would not post out in the open. You can link to the attachments as they exist in the Elite sections of the forum, and that way only Elite members can access them.

I've created several videos to get you started. You can find them on the main Wiki page, which is accessible from the main navigation bar at the top of every BMT page.

How-to use the wiki
How-to create a wiki article
How-to attach images to a wiki article

I will be creating many more videos in the days and weeks ahead.

Please use this thread to ask questions or provide feedback on the wiki.

Thank you,


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