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No shortcuts in trading

Just a few quick words...  As I was writing a bunch of replies tonight to peoples journals on the forum, one of them stuck and I wanted to share it here.

Often, I see the traders are in a hurry to make money and to be successful in trading.  The simple truth is, there are no shortcuts in trading.  You cannot rush things.  No matter how much you want to.

You can blow up a bridge in seconds with enough dynamite, but it can take years to build a bridge.

Think of it this way.  In very short order, you can do an enormous amount of damage to your trading account, and thus, your entire trading career.  A few bad decisions can lead to devastating losses.

Whereas building up your trading account and learning to make right decisions -- this process can take years. You must do everything right or it will lead to cracks in the foundation, problems in the support infrastructure, and that will lead to disaster in the future.  There are no shortcuts.



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