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More Price Action Discussion

Come stop by the forum and join the price action thread.  Here are some recent discussions and charts...

Below are EUR/USD remarks from yesterday.


Below is a CL workspace.

Right is entry chart (6 range). Top left is 12 range, bottom left 25 range.

What you see here is what I like to call "hammered dog shit". It's a highly technical term, use with caution.  The 6-range on the right looks like something exploded, and it looks and smells quite nasty. Price is ranging between 76.00 and 76.30. That's a death trap for many traders who get whipsawed.

Why is this happening? A few things. It's Wednesday, inventory report, etc etc. Sure. But also what is price telling you? The 12 range has a LOT of problems at these low areas. The 12 range also has a pretty clearly defined wedge with a few consecutive LH's.

The 25 range also shows a lot of consolidation at this price area. We're waiting for something to happen. Something will happen, and we'll either break through the wedge and make a HH+HL, or we'll breakdown the bottom support area and make a LH+LL again. I prefer to wait and then respond when that happens, and not trade in the middle of it.



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