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Los Angeles Traders Expo, June 9-12

Scott from the forum wanted me to invite any fellow BMT'ers in the LA area to stop by for the free trading expo at the Pasadena Convention Center on June 9th to 12th.

More information here:

Here is the brief summary from the convention website:

Thousands Of Your Fellow Traders Are Headed To Los Angeles On
June 9-12 – Here’s Why:
Just Four Days Can Help You Become a Better Trader…
Your FREE admission to the Expo is the best value around—here’s what you get:

SPECIFIC STRATEGIES THAT WORK: Since the first event in 1999, Traders Expo has been known for bringing in world-class instructors to teach strategies and tactics that traders like you have used to take their skills to the next level. Every session is designed to bring you the latest information available so that you can make better trading decisions starting with your very next trade. You’ll learn ways to find profitable trades that work immediately.

EXCHANGE IDEAS WITH THE BEST TRADERS IN THE WORLD: One of the most important aspects of attending the Expo is the chance to talk with fellow traders about what is working for them now. Some of the best traders in the country will be sitting next to you in the sessions, at the reception, and in the aisles of the exhibit hall. This is a fantastic opportunity to talk with fellow attendees about how they look for trades each day. Some of your best ideas for tackling the markets could come from a fellow trader you chat with in the hallway.
ROADMAP TO CREATE YOUR PERSONAL TRADING PLAN: As an active trader, you’re accustomed to looking at short-term charts and making quick decisions based on what you know at that moment. At the Expo, we’ll give you the opportunity to step back and look at the overall markets from a broader perspective. This is a chance to evaluate your trading style and performance and learn where adjustments need to be made to set you on track for a profitable 2010.
FIND THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO MAKE THE BEST DECISIONS: Software programmers and developers are constantly making tweaks and adding features to software to be better than their competition—and you are the beneficiary! The Exhibit Hall at the Expo allows you to evaluate all of the latest tools and services under one roof—research that would take weeks online.



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