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Hey guys,

We've got about 16 active journals now being updated daily on the forum, great job!  I'm marking up charts and commenting on those on a daily basis, so my "advice" is still on those threads if you want to hunt for them.  Most of the journal authors created them in the Elite Journals area, but a couple are in the regular Journals area.

I've also been spending a great deal of time on the Price Action thread lately.  Anyone that has talked to me in the last few weeks knows that I've been on a "pure price action" kick, really shuttering everything except an ema20 and price, and just focusing on HH+HL, and LH+LL, trading those setups.

Next Tuesday I am holding a webinar and Q&A on trading multiple time frames and with-trend. The 100 person room limit should be resolved now, but you should still register early. I've put together a lot of example charts and will also try to devote a good portion of the webinar to Q&A.

A week after that, we've got another webinar planned from ZTrade101 where he will help everyone setup and configure the Volume Ladder for NinjaTrader. Some details are in the main webinar thread, and more details will be shared after next Tuesday when my webinar is completed. Trying to keep it to just one webinar at a time to focus on

Not long after that, benbrooke will be back for Part II of his Market Profile webinar, which will be a more in-depth look at trading with market profile. Again, some details are in the main webinar thread, and more details will be shared after ZTrade101 finishes his.

If you didn't already notice, I recently announced that Al Brooks will be conducting a webinar for BMT in June, he will be focusing on trading price action. June is the 1-year anniversary for BMT, and I actually have a lot of surprises for you guys including webinars, and lots of prizes -- some of them valued at $1500 each. I'll go into more specifics about our 1-year anniversary in a few weeks.

Every day BMT becomes a better place for traders to come together and help each other. Just recently we actually passed another famous trading site in terms of daily user activity, and we're only just getting started! So give yourself a big round of applause for the hard work that you've put into making this community extra special!

I am particularly proud of all the new journals that have been started recently, after one of my last blog posts kicked a bunch of you into gear :)  These guys are making huge strides in their trading and making some awesome revelations about themselves and their trading. It's really a pleasure to be a part of and to help them become successful.

Thanks guys!  More soon!



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