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Some statistics on forum users

I was curious about some habits of forum users on Big Mike Trading, so I created a few charts.  The chart data is based on the Trader's Edge stories area, a section at the top of the forum that features some of the more popular concepts on the site.

It is important to remember than this is not very scientific.  Some stories are only one week old, while others are a month old, so the number of clicks is not going to be scaled proportionally.

The first chart is a list, from oldest (top) to newest (bottom) of subjects in Trader's Edge as of today, and how many clicks each story received.  It's important to note, the clicks are only counted here for views directly from Trader's Edge.  If someone views the story without going through Trader's Edge first, it does not show up here.

The second chart is an overview by category.  I decided to place each story into a category, either Automation, Indicator, Education, or Journal.  It isn't perfect but it gives an idea of where the majority of interest lies.

I might do this again later in a few months or a year, so we can have some more accurate info.


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