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How to correctly use volume in your trading

First, if you are looking for a nice volume indicator that identifies key turning points in the market, check out the work from cory on the forum.  He has created the "VolumeStop" indicator, and in about one months time his v2 and v3 of the indicator have received about 500 downloads.  It's popular because it works well :)

Download link:

Second, whether you're looking for hand holding and are just getting started with Volume, or you want a deep insight and analysis of applying volume to your trading, you should check out the thread by cunparis.  Cunparis is trading with a minimal set of indicators, and let me tell you -- that is the best way to trade.  You can learn a lot from this thread, so go check it out and get involved today.

Here are a couple of screen shots from his thread:

Here is the link to the thread.  Get involved today and learn something incredibly useful:



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