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ZN 09-09 11 range chart: critical to scalpers

I changed the colors of my charts a bit.  I have NOT changed the indicators themselves, and that is very important -- don't get caught in the indicator game where you make changes every day or every other day to suit the current market.  No, no, no.  That is a trap.  Let me know what you think about my new chart colors!

I know it was only a few days ago I last spoke about why looking at a bigger time frame chart is so important, but I have the feeling a lot of traders are still just looking at one chart.  If you are making money, then keep doing that.

But, if you are losing money and looking for ways to improve your trading, then you need to check out my video.  I talk about once again why the bigger picture is so incredibly important.

Download HD full-screen MP4 video



Anonymous said...

hey mike,

thanks for sharing this! i agree with you that it is very important to have a big chart up. i did not use to do it myself and only used to look @ the small chart for scalping. This all changed after speaking to a lot of you guys on the Forum! now i can't trade without b/c it makes more sense to have one see the bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike thanks for sharing the helpful video's. Unfortunately it's not possible to download the ZN 09 09 11 range chart:critical to scalpers. I'dont know why?
Can you give me a link or help?

Big Mike said...

Just checked the link, it is working fine for me. You'll need to be more specific with what error you are receiving.

You can also find the video on the forum in the Downloads - Educational section, it's a different method of downloading it so should work for sure.


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