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NinjaTrader 7 delayed, again, and again...

This was expected.

Now it looks like it will be 2010 before NT7 is out of beta.

From Ray (CEO of NT), original here:

Dear NinjaTrader Users and Partners:

I want to start this note by first thanking you for being so passionate about your use of NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader has grown substantially in the last 5 years and a large part of our growth has come from the fervent grass roots support we get from you our valued clients and partners. The passion you have shown is shared by the entire NinjaTrader team and has driven us to continually improve and expand NinjaTrader’s functionality from an innovative order entry application I created in 2003 to the complete end-to-end trading platform you see today.

With past major releases, we have done a reasonable job with setting schedules, communicating information and meeting delivery dates but specific to NinjaTrader 7 (NT7) we have not executed at a level neither you nor I would expect and that is why I am writing today. It is accurate to say that we significantly underestimated the engineering effort behind NT7 while simultaneously failing to communicate any information to you.

I know many of you are upset with our lack of communication relative to the progress and details of NT7. One main reason for this is we did not want to provide a list of prospective features and enhancements to later pull these items due to either technical issues or time to market considerations. We have learned from this experience and realize going forward we must and will do a better job at keeping you informed. The rest of this note will focus on the current status of NT7.

NinjaTrader 7 is our most ambitious project to date and regrettably the beta version will not be released at the end of this month as we previously stated. We had a plan that may have allowed us to get there but in the end I made a decision that it should not be released since the product is just not ready. I realize this will be an unpopular decision for some but it will ultimately result in a better product once released.

Going forward we are going to take a new approach in communicating our NT7 development progress to the user community. Along with this note you will also see a link to “NT7 Features and Development Status” that outlines what we have been working on with NT7. We are targeting a beta release by the end of September followed by a several month beta phase which historically ranged between two to three months.

We are still extremely excited about this release and are working day and night to get it finished and into your hands. I respectfully ask for your ongoing patience as we continue work and my pledge to you is that I will provide frequent updates at the link below until released.

Raymond Deux
President & CEO


cunparis said...

This is one of the reasons I went to tradestation. Having multiple symbols (TICK, PC Ratio, Exchange Volume, etc.) on one chart along with my own custom indicators has been very useful for me. Tradestation is lacking in many areas but it's also way more advanced in others.

Richard said...

I'm still waiting for my HAL9000 and my flying car. Technology predictions never seem to pan out!

Sometimes I daydream about starting an open source extensible trading platform. The emacs of trading platforms, where you can control anything you like from extension code. But, at the end of the day, I have ninja and multicharts and they are 'good enough.'

Big Mike said...

Yup. NT is still the best. But a year later with nothing but delay after delay, with almost zero to go on, it's "too little, too late" from Ray right now.

The smart thing to do is explore all of your options so you can make an informed decision should NT7 once again fail to be released by Christmas. I have no interest in switching if I can avoid it, but enough is enough...


Unknown said...

Strange, Ray said in his letter it is 95% complete. That's good enough for me. Neoticker releases Beta version all the time and fixes the bugs on the fly. And all of its users appreciate that despite the flaws. Software is never perfect. The 95% will out weight the 5% work in progress.

cunparis said...

They should have done things more incrementally. Releasing a 6.6, 6.7, ... etc. This makes much more sense.

I imagine they had to redo some major core components or something. The thing is a total memory hog, hopefully they'll fix that.

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