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Consider creating a Journal of your trades in our forum

My main purpose in starting my blog was to hold myself accountable. I knew that by doing so my trading would improve, because I finally made the huge revelation that I (my brain) was holding back my own profitability for one simple reason. I wasn't being honest with myself. I was constantly making excuses as to why something didn't work.

It was absolutely crucial my trading improve, so I decided to leap forward right to the edge -- and start my blog and start putting everything out there for public consumption and public accountability.

Almost immediately, I found the blog to drastically improve all of my weakest areas of trading -- the mental side of things that were previously holding me back.

The community was very receptive to my blog, so I started the forum. The main purpose of the forum was to give back to others, and give them the tools and the avenue to make similar revelations in their own trading.

So, why start a journal here in the forum?

- Opportunity to be honest with yourself
- Reflect upon what worked, and what didn't
- Improve your trading, take it to the next level

What not to be afraid of:

- People questioning you
- Someone thinking your dumb, or your trades are dumb
- Your charts won't make sense to others
- The instrument you trade isn't popular in the forum

The journal is to help the person posting it (that would be you). Sure, viewers and outsiders looking in can benefit, but the best way they could REALLY benefit would be to start their own journal. You can't be a successful trader by simply copying what others are doing.

I hope to see more of you creating your own journals here on the site and updating them on a regular basis. Your journal can be as detailed or summarized as you wish, it is up to you. I suggest you briefly describe your entries, then post charts showing the days activity. You can go further if you wish by posting Profit and Loss reports. It is entirely up to you.

You can access the forum here:

Hope to see you there!



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