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Video illustrating how to use ECO2

In my second video, I tried to improve the video quality (the limitation appears to be on Viddler's side) and I also tried to be less of a wind bag. Let me know how I did! :)

This video shows what I am trading discretionarily. It combines my Trend Bars (modification from Roonius' SuperTrend indicator), the Mike Trend CCI (yellow line in second panel), and the ECO2.

The signals are produced from a strategy I wrote called Symmetry. It throws up an entry signal arrow and price once the ECO2 and CCI conditions are met. It is important to note, it does not produce exit signals, those are left up to me.

In the video I talk about how I trade the ECO2 signals and how to use them for exit signals to capture most of the movement.

Download HD full-screen MP4 video



Anonymous said...

Mike Many thanks for taking the time to share.
The ECO looks most interesting.
Looking forward to your CCI conclusions.
Regards John from Australia

Anonymous said...

nice one! the arrow-signals that are shown from your "Symetrie" - did they come from 5 Min or from the 5-range-chart ? or are they totaly independent geberated from the shown charts ?
regards max-td

Anonymous said...

OK - got it - its inserted as an indicator + shows the signals based on the timeframe that is actualy shown.
i should have enaugh coffee bevor start to ask+talk arround next time ;-)

Big Mike said...

Hi max-td,

Yes, the Symmetry shows signals based on the current chart.


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