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Tuesday's Gone


I took three trades after the cash open:  +1, -1.5, -3.  Then I decided to call it a day due to the chop and the fascination with the "900" number.  I've been up all night anyway and am dead tired.  The market will probably move nicely once I log off, so get ready!  :)

I was trading off a 5 range chart, but I wanted to post this 5 minute chart so you could see all the chop.



jeff said...

Hi Mike,

I've been checking out the VMA Zone indicator and was wondering what the rules are for using it? Thanks for all your hard work. I've learned a lot from your blog.


Big Mike said...

Hi Jeff,

It is a work in progress, but the initial rules I made when I created it was to only take signals once a full bar closed above (long) or below (short) the zone. This works best on a range chart like a 5 or 6 range.


Anonymous said...

yep - heavy day today -- stress-test for everyones trading style + strategy ;-)
Mike - is there any other place where you are posting ie where we can discuss trades, ideas + setups ? are you in a forum somewhere ? Should we create such a place maybe ?
nice day max-td

Big Mike said...

Hi max-td,

I am ctrlbrk at the NinjaTrader forums. I've considered making a chat section on the blog, I'll look into it.

For now, keep using comments and if you want to upload a pic I recommend


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