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NinjaTrader Optimizing, ChannelThis (new!) and more

I both love and hate NinjaTrader Optimizing.

Mostly hate. So. Freaking. Slow.

Hours of my life waste away as Ninja musters up enough strength to use nearly 25% of my CPU resources... leaving 75% available for me to play MP3's and browse the internet. So inefficient. Please, please, let NT7 fix this.

I do enjoy backtesting/optimizing from the perspective of making breakthroughs on theories or speculations ("strategies") and seeing them work. But, I am trying to not get hung up in over-optimizing or devoting all my time and resources on automated trading systems right now, instead I want to do some discretionary trading for a while and beef up my arsenal of indicators that will help me do that.

I have spent most of Friday working on tweaking all the new stuff I've been working on (DoubleMA, TrendBars, Mike Trend). I just want to be armed with the best numbers possible for my discretionary trading alerts and charts.

The good news is, with the .NET /LARGEADDRESSAWARE fix/hack, Ninja has only crashed on me once instead of a thousand times like normal. I'm able to get it up to about 3GB of memory instead of the usual 1.3GB before it takes a crap. So, that has really helped! Hurray!

I have made some visual changes to the way Mike Trend charts. I like the new style better, I had inspiration from some other indicators and decided to adapt it to my own style and flavor. This new method makes it easier (at least for me) to see what's going on at a glance. I think. :)

Last, I've created a new indicator called "ChannelThis" which lets you put any two moving averages into a band/channel, and draw a region around them if you want. I will be releasing this soon to the public, be sure to subscribe -- free!

Sneak peak:

Also stay tuned, I will be posting an updated version of the DoubleMA indicator soon. I'll have to remove the MA's that aren't public ($$) first, but otherwise it has some new additions. The best way to get notified of such things is to 'subscribe', click the link to get started.

Have a good weekend!



Big Mike said...

If you want to know more about the x64 .net /largeaddressaware fix, you can read this post here:

The NT team will provide more details as available, and this patch will also be included in NT7.

If you are a very proficient systems engineer I will tell you how to do it, but Ninja support will not support you in any way... and it requires Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 be installed.

Once I made the change, I was able to significantly increase how much memory NT can use before it crashes. Terrific!


cunparis said...

Sounds interesting but I have 32bit windows.

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