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New version of ECO2 released

Zoltran has been kind enough to update ECO2 (Ergodic). This new version is nearly identical to the old one, but it does correct the bar-color/repaint issue I brought up on the Ninja forum. It's really a limitation of how Ninja handles multi-color plots, but zoltran has a work around.

If you have ever noticed the last bar of ECO2 changing color on you after the bar closes, this update will fix that.

As a result, on my screen shots going forward you'll notice a yellow line on the ECO2 (not just the normal green and purple). This doesn't change anything, "down is down" and "up is up".

There are also a few enhancements from eDanny in this version, which can paint the screen with triangle/arrow signals to indicate an entry, and/or show a text box for those times when ECO2 signal line is hard to read. I am leaving this off, but many will find it useful.

Due to the changes in this version it will break the parameters for strategies, be aware. That is why it has a new name, "ECO2New".

Download link:

Forum discussion:



Richard said...

I try to think of Ninja's behavior as a "feature" that removes 1-bar ripples from the lines ;-) At least the old way the current bar is always the correct color, and if I care enough I can just switch to dots. Not so bad, really.

Though it's more work, I believe you actually can visually fix this with 2 green plots and 2 red plots. You just have to alternate which green and which red you use, so that ninja won't try to connect them. I've never gone to the trouble though, for my indicators.

shodson said...

What are the pink dots on the signal line? Does it mean the trend is fading?

Big Mike said...

Hi shodson,

In my screen shot I do not use the pink dots on the ECO2. But yes, in the standard version of the indicator, the ECO2 plots "fading" with pink dots. I did not find it incredibly useful so did not use it.


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