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Friday Night Special

Hard at work. No rest for the weary. But, I do have something to show for it...

I have made some leaps forward in my visual multi-time frame scoring system. You can throw this baby up on any chart, and it will show you my scoring system graph on 5 different time frames, plus an average. It operates on bar close, so each time a period has a new bar, it will refresh.

I plan to continue enhancing this, it took a lot of work to get it this far in an efficient manner!

Check out the video... no talking, just visual illustration of the system during a Market Replay session. (It does not work on historical data).

It shows a 5 minute, 1 minute, 6 range, 4 range, and 233 tick summary, plus the average. Each section is controlled independently and will be blue for long, red for short. Mixed signals mean wise not to trade, but all blue's or all red's mean "time to make some money!"

Download HD full-screen MP4 video



Anonymous said...

Fantatic job. That is the way to go.

Skyler said...

Looks really intuitive.

And nice DJ'ing Mike, killer track. Looks & sounds like you might have just invested a new DJ/video genre here as well...

Zoltran said...

Awesome Mike !
Very usefull

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of being able to see multiple time frames on a single screen. This would be a great tool for all traders. Are you going to offer this as a download?

Big Mike said...


I can't give away all my tools :) I have already posted some code here and there of how to build the score graph and my ideas on weighting certain values, etc.

I am sure I will post more code soon, but I need to find a better way to paint the screen, my current method is not efficient. I'll have to learn how to use the graphics subset directly.

NT7 is supposed to allow multi-time frame indicators on a single chart without hacking together special code, as I've done. But yes, I agree, having quick at-a-glance info like this is very helpful. I have four charts up already but being able to quickly monitor the pulse of these charts from a single row of info is helpful.


Anonymous said...

yeah, cool song. Can you recommend a trend indicator so we might try to simulate your template. All I have is eco and dma right now. Thanks BM>

Big Mike said...

Hello BM,

I would use the new SuperTrend by Roonius for the price bars. You can find it on the Ninja Forums, look for at least version 2.

As for a substitute for "Mike Trend", it's mainly a combination of a zerolag CCI and TrendStrength custom moving averages. You can get both on the forums and start to modify them, or you can wait for me to finish tweaking mine and release it :)


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