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First video: Discussing my indicators and strategies

As promised, I've posted my first (of many) videos. In this video I talk about my indicators and my chart, as well as the most recent strategy I am working on. All of the indicators and strategies I use will be available for free on my blog, be sure to RSS subscribe or add your email address to the notify list so you don't miss them.

The indicators in this video are my Trend Bars, my combination Trend panel (Adaptive CCI, VWMA, LinReg, and ADXVMA), plus ECO2 (Ergodic).

The strategy I am demonstrating has been backtesting for over 16 months and is profitable. I wrote about it a couple days ago on the blog, and have made some revisions since then to bring the drawdown down. All of my strategies are always set to Default fills in Ninja, which means price must penetrate to be executed. This is the "worst case" scenario but much more realistic than the Liberal fill method, which allows taps to count.

It trades primarily off a 5m chart, but also uses a 1m and 30m time frame. It only trades a couple times a day during the cash session on the ES, after opening bell and before lunch. It adapts its targets based on past trade performance, and has dynamic exit points if things aren't going great in the trade. Most targets are 4 points, but it will pull off 2 pointers if it isn't as sure of itself.

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Anonymous said...


Congratulations for your Blog !
I'm very interested with your videos + indicators

Best regards from France

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike, good start!

Anonymous said...

Nice video, thanks! - GK

roonius said...


Thanks for sharing. Nice blog. Will be checking it out every few days.
If you need any help on something do not hesitate to ask... It will be my pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nice video. At last one empty column on your blog filled with vido showing your approach and dedicated style. Very few peoples are thinking this way. I appreciate it. I am a full time trader. I like your work but I donot have your all indicators and strategies. I just find few indicators on your belog. If I find them then may be I am able to add some ideas towards their improvement. I donot have your mail address to contact you. My email address is "". I am become helpful to you then it will be my pleasure.

Skyler said...

ECO2 looks interesting. Thanks.

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