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Download MACD ZeroLag w/Colors, update on Mike Trend

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!

I've been working hard -- what's new -- and am pleased to put up for download a new indicator called MACD ZeroLag w/Colors.  This is just an updated MACD with some visual changes that puts some dots on the zero line depending on whether the MACD line is above the average line, and if the overall trend is higher or lower.

You can download it here:

There is a discussion on it here:

Now, the second order of business.  I've made some more changes to Mike Trend -- shocker, I know -- and I think they are definitely for the better.  I'm really liking it now.  I added the MACD to my chart because it helps identify overall trend in some cases, I think it supplements Mike Trend whereas before not so much.

Below are some screen shots of both, let me know what you think.  And yes... I will make Mike Trend available for download, but as you can see, I am changing it all the time trying to get it where I want it.  Once I do, you can have it, promise.




Anonymous said...

mike here is your macd i will try it out on monday...sam

Big Mike said...


Also -- I think it is not all that useful by itself, you need to combine it with another indicator that gives you good entry signals, but it can help you avoid fake outs.

I noticed you like ZN, so here are some shots showing Mike Trend on ZN instrument. You'll notice on occasion Mike Trend says long or short, but MACD keeps you away from those fake outs.

So with that in mind, look for another indicator in your arsenal that pairs well with it, it's like choosing the right wine for your meal. :)


Big Mike said...

Let me add that I am currently looking at Ergodic as well to tweak it and compare it vs. MACD as a confirmation to Mike Trend, like my old setup.

Using ECO2 as it was originally intended (zero line cross) it seems to be either as fast, or faster, than the zerolag MACD with the right settings, I just need to test it more for fake outs.


Anonymous said...

ive downloaded the eco bars will try them instead of my mod ha2 bars...sam

Anonymous said...

not really a big historgram fan...sam

cunparis said...

I've been away for the holiday weekend but I'm curious why you dropped the eco2? Also why is macd called zero lag?

I'm still not getting the same double ma as you and I can't figure out why. Yours seems to adapt much faster. I'm not sure what's up with that.

Big Mike said...


It's ZeroLag because it uses a ZeroLagEMA instead of the normal EMA. The MACD line moves more quickly across the zero line.

I've not dropped Ergodic. I was looking at some old charts at the same time I had made changes to Mike Trend, and was looking for something that complemented it. I decided to color the MACD because it was complementing pretty well and I wanted a similar theme.

In fact, after I wrote the article I commented up above that I was in the middle of comparing the ECO2 to the MACD. They actually cross the zero line in a pretty similar fashion if I lower the ECO2 settings enough. I am still reviewing charts.

I think I mentioned before my DoubleMA is using a proprietary moving average from Blue Wave trading, it is quite similar to the Jurik JMA. It is not public.

However, right now as I am going through this period of working on Mike Trend, I find myself changing DoubleMA. I only want things on my chart that truly help, and it is a difficult choice between a close DMA or a larger DMA like a 100MA and 200MA to see the bigger picture.

Thanks very much for your feedback as always. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend with your family!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Like the new MACD, thanks for sharing!

Had a quick question for you, I was wondering if you might be able to incorporate the JMA as one of the options in the DoubleMA? I use the JMA right now but would like to utilize is as one of the option in the DoubleMA if possible.


Big Mike said...

Hi anonymous,

I can't incorporate JMA because I don't own Jurik's tools (incompatible with Vista and Seven). But, I am sure that there are others out there running XP and Jurik that could easily make the code change, it is pretty straightforward.

I would ask on the Ninja forums, and if you don't get a bite then ask Roonius over at, he is a certified consultant and could to it easily.


Graeme said...

Hi Mike

I seem to have a problem installing your MACD Zerolag as NT gives an error. When I copy the .cs file into NT and attempt to compile it, several errors come up named: "NinjaTrader.Indicator.MAV' is a 'type', which is not valid in the given context" for lines 47, 48, 54 and 55. Similar errors occur when I tried a previous verion downloaded from the NT forum.

Any ideas?

Big Mike said...

Hi Graeme,

If you use the NT Utilities -> Import method, does that not work?

If you are cherry-picking .cs files from the zip archive, you may have missed important ones.

Let me know. If you still have issues after using the Utility -> Import method, if you could give me a screen shot of the entire message it would be helpful (use if needed).


Kevin said...

Hi Mike,

Since you enjoy programming I was wondering if you might be able to program a "big traders" indicator such as the one that offers. For example if you input 100, it will show if the traders who are trading at least 100 contracts are buying or selling. Nice to know if you are trying to trade with or against the big boys. Thank you.


cunparis said...

Trading 100 contracts doesn't necessarily mean they're on the right side.

Mike - Ok I will take a look at the zero lag macd. In general I've come to the conclusion that indicators do not work for me and I've been looking more at support & resistance, breadth data, and volume. I'm interested to know what you come up with. I think the standard indicators aren't very useful but what I call "non-convential" indicators could give an edge. By non-convential I mean something really new and unique like what you're doing. Thanks for sharing.

PS: For the DMA, even when you were using the standard MAs mine was different. It was puzzling. If you post again using a non-proprietary MA then i'll compare mine to yours and let you know.

Graeme said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestions. I finally realised that I had fiddled with a strategy a few days back and there were errors in it. Strange how NT blocks adding indicators when errors exist in other indicators/strategies. When I deleted the strategy with errors the problem was fixed and I successfully installed your MACD Zerolag.


suchen said...

Mike great site, thanks for sharing your ideas!

Mike Do you or anyone here know how to convert TOS code into NT?

Anonymous said...

looks like what you want to do is trying to squeeze many indicators into 1 indicator, take a look at TRO_PMSM_Trend v1.11

Anonymous said...

hey cunparis im a support and ressistance trader i make my best trades like that so dig deep and explore what support and ressistance method works best for you...sam

Stewie said...

big mike.

buddy, any time you in good ol portland, oregon. gimme a holla, and i'll give ya a front seat, no reservations at stewie's house o steaks!!!! my treat!

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