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Customized DoubleMA with additional moving average types

OK, OK!  My bad for not sharing it the first time around.

Here is my version with the additional moving average types. I've added Wilder, VMA, ZeroLagEMA, ADXVMA, VWMA, TMA, and EhlersFilter.

I also updated the original blog post with the new link.



Unknown said...

hello Mike,
I downloaded doubleMA Mod but could not see SMMA in this indicator as i saw your new post you used 20 SMMA and 45 VMA, which one is best substitute for SMMA in the existing MAs in this indicater


Big Mike said...

Hi SSS / Trading,

Well you know me... always tinkering. I added SMMA after I uploaded the version on the blog.

As with another comment I just left on a separate entry, I kept playing with the settings, trying to find one that was useful and beneficial.

I am a big advocate of not having stuff on my chart that doesn't really, truly help.

So to that end, I kept changing the DoubleMA and am currently liking the 9 SMA, 45 VMA setting the best. Try it out.


Unknown said...

Thanks BIG M


Anonymous said...

any new changes to your double ma setting? sam

cunparis said...

I'm getting exceptions with this indicator:

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
at System.Collections.ArrayList.get_Item(Int32 index)
at NinjaTrader.Data.DataSeries.GetBuffer(Int32 idx)
at NinjaTrader.Data.DataSeries.get_Item(Int32 barsAgo)
at NinjaTrader.Indicator.IndicatorBase.get_Item(Int32 barsAgo)
at NinjaTrader.Indicator.DoubleMA.colorBar(Int32 bar)

it won't draw the last bar, the doublema gives a value of zero which of course messes up my chart.

Also, I use the same settings as you in your latest videos and my doublema is different. Yours seems to be more reactive than mine. What's your session time? I'm using 24 hour for ES.

cunparis said...

This seemed to fix the exception:

private void colorBar( int bar )
if(CurrentBar < 2) {

Big Mike said...

Hello cunparis,

I've made some changes to my DoubleMA, I will be sure to post an updated version once I've stopped modifying it all the time. :)

I am using 24 hour on all my charts for session time.

As for the error, I am unable to verify exactly what I did right now because I've got to finish some optimization jobs before the cash open, but I think it was similar.

Also you need to run it on calculate on bar close = true if I remember right, otherwise some MA's return zero intrabar.


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