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Add buttons to your NinjaTrader toolbar

Roonius over at TradingStudies has this awesome piece of work that allows you to add discretionary buttons to your Ninja chart toolbar.  You can just wrap your code or logic around them, and then instantly have your indicator or stratetgy do something with the click of a button.

Some things that came to mind off the top of my head:
  • Toggle an indicator on/off
  • Tell strategy to turn on/off, or only take longs or shorts
  • Toggle between different settings within your strategy or indicator
What other ideas can you think of for this?



Anonymous said...


Thanks for all of your work on this blog!

This post is not related to Roonius' indicator stuff. As a ninja user I ask you if you know of a place to get historical market data for ninja. I use mirus futures/zenfire. I can contact them but I thought you might know.

I've got many days taped but it would be great if I could get @ES historical data from days that I don't have but would like to "replay and practice".


Big Mike said...

TC, seems to be the best that I know of.

If you go that route, let us know how it is.


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