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VMA Zones

As a follow up to my last post about the VMA indicator, I created a new indicator called VMA Zones which will chart a region of the upper and lower bands on your chart.

Longs can be placed once a full bar has closed above the upper line.  Shorts can be placed once a full bar has closed below the lower line.  You can also use it to know when to exit a trade along similar lines.

You can download the indicator here:

I also created a discussion on the NinjaTrader Forums, which may have useful information.  You can check that out here:



Anonymous said...

BM, I am playing with the zones. i am not getting the little dashed lines, just the zone. Is that a separate indicator. Also is that one of your prop indicators at the bottom?

Thanks, bro.

Billy Mc

Big Mike said...

Hello Billy Mc,

If you are referring to the hash marks, they are not part of VMA Zones. VMA Zones paints a region using the opacity selection (will be colored) then two border lines.

The hash marks are my stop reversal markers, part of another indicator I call TrendBars. My version is modified for my own needs, but the original code was written by Roonius and I highly recommend it. Do a search on the NinjaTrader forums for "SuperTrend" and you'll see a long thread. He's also recently provided a new updated version which you can download on the Ninja forums file sharing indicator section.

The bottom indicator is my own flavor, called Mike Trend. I've described it in some other posts on my blog, it combines ADXVMA, VWMA, LinReg/EMA and CCI in one indicator making it easier for me to process the info.


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