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Polynomial Regression Channel

This is a beautiful chart demonstrating the polynomial regression channel at work. It is a 5 minute chart showing the overnight activity. There are two channels being displayed on my chart, the Degree 1 channel (straight lines) and the Degree 3 channel (curved lines).

Since I've been talking about this indicator so much, I wanted to post it. The version I use I paid to be created for me and am not sharing (sorry!), but scjohn and eDanny from the NinjaTrader forums have been very kind and made their own. This version also allows for a region to be plotted between two polynomial channels creating an overbought/oversold channel.

You can download the indicator from my server here:

You should check this NinjaTrader forum thread for any updates:



JS said...

Hi Mike, I am curious to know what differences your PAID version has to the free version of PRC you posted the link of?? Also - are you in NZ or Aussie? I am part of a group of 4 friends that trade together and share ideas to get to point where we can be full time traders as well. We have a Radiologist, Civil Engineer and 2 business owners in our not light weights. Would love to share ideas etc. We have some custom coded product as well. Just thought I would say HI and learn more about your PRC version. We use PRC as well - so really curious as to how this one of yours differs. Cheers JACQUES (nz)

Big Mike said...

Hi jacquesnz,

I really do not know if there are differences, I have only used my version. It does what I need so have not switched, but I assume the underlying code is near identical and produces very similar results.

I am in Dallas, TX. But please feel free to post comments on the blog and I look forward to feedback.


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