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Ninja tip: Chart/indicator colors

If you're like me, you are very particular about your chart.  You want it to be "just right".

In order for my charts to be just right, I need the visual/colors to work for me.  NinjaTrader allows customization of colors, but sometimes it is not enough.

Luckily, you can choose any color across the RGB spectrum if you know the exact number.  I use Photoshop to find the color I want, then just record the RGB values, and plop those into Ninja.

When you are typing the numbers in Ninja, be sure to use commas.  So for RGB 30, 30, 30 (very dark grey), type it in "30, 30, 30" without the quotes.

Here is the Ninja indicator panel and default colors:

Here you can use Photoshop to select a new color (or your favorite other method):

And then just plug that into Ninja, and viola!

Hope this makes your charts just that much better!



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