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New 233 tick strategy using regression channels

I've been working on a new 233 tick strategy. It is coming along, but still takes too many trades. Half of the gross profit it generates is eaten up by commissions at its present trading rate.

It does have a good risk/reward ratio of close to 1:1 for a good amount trades, with dynamic exits.

I am still not feeling great and am probably done for the day. I placed two miserable trades this morning for a loss of around 8 points (two full stops, 2 contracts, 2 points each). I haven't placed any discretionary trades since, but did allow this 233 tick strategy to trade about 6 times, it has made me back some money :)

Below are two screens from the strategy I am working on. The backtest results are since March 15th (new contract rollover), and the chart just shows the last three trades it took. It is in the market a lot, but it does not necessarily stay in the market 100% (even though the chart may look like it).



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