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ECO2 based trading system

Tonight I was playing with a new indicator, ECO2 (Ergodic Oscillator 2) and my first try was kind of interesting. LOL! It traded 5,000 trades in 30 days (over 150 trades a day).

Hmm, I think I got something wrong in the code. It happens. It's late. And I was just toying around anyway.

If you are familiar with Ninja, you'll notice there are about a zillion entry/exit signals on this chart.

Wow. 48k profit. Too bad half of that will be commissions. Don't get your hopes up. This is not the holy grail. I think this is just another example of Ninja... well, being Ninja.


Unknown said...

Hi Mike,

I see sharp ratio = 1

could you explain how to read this valuein your

back-test results?

is it better low or high value?

Big Mike said...

Hello iwannatoscript,

I really do not pay much attention to the sharpe ratio in my backtests. Maybe I should.

You can read more about what it is here:


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