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Benchmark NinjaTrader Performance/Speed

Please help out the NinjaTrader community by collecting information on how various CPU's and systems perform with NT.

For instance, how fast is a Core i7 920 vs an E6850 Core 2 Duo? Is it worth upgrading? I am talking about strictly NinjaTrader performance, like backtesting and optimizing in particular (something I spend a lot of time doing with my strategies).

That was the question I was trying to answer with this NinjaTrader forum post. Check it out and share your results!



Unknown said...

Great Idea,

What kind of pc could you suggest only for
backtesting and optimizing, to have good ration between quality/cost.
I think could be good with raid 5
No monitor
no sound ecc..
I' d like buy a cpu and change it every 6 month,

but only it, and leave the same mainboard, ram,

could it be a good idea?

Could you advise also a good chassis with big fan like 18mm.

The purpose is only heavy calculation.

I think that it also should be always stay connect to feed data or is it better another pc,
but after how could we share the data base?
i don't like to export and import every day the data from 2 pc, what do you suggest?

Big Mike said...

Hello iwannatoscript,

You can read the 'about me' section and find the post where I described my hardware. I am an enthusiast, and was a geek long before I was a trader.

For general help, suggestions, etc, I recommend visiting I frequent the site and it has a unique community that really wants to help.


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