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April trading results, so far

We're a little past half way in April, so I thought I would post my trade results so far this month. I actually have been trading very little lately, all my time has been going to programming and systems development.

I found it interesting that all the points I've made so far this month have only been on the short side. This shows only live trades, no sim, no replay, etc. Certainly, this is not enough to live on and I'll need to step it up a bit in the next couple of weeks.


Trevor Richter said...

How come the commission cost = $0?

Big Mike said...

Hi Trevor,

It's a personal choice -- I used to have Ninja calculate commissions, but I changed it to 0 to make reading my daily journals easier (I calculate by points, and all the fractions were getting in my way).

Naturally, commission is a real cost and should be considered, but I view it the same as the cost for my trading software, etc, which is also not built-in to Ninja calculations.


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