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Another 9.5 on ES, but on sim...

Well I did stop trading real money after my last post, since I wasn't feeling great.  But I couldn't resist taking a couple more trades at the open when I saw some really nice setups forming.

These are in sim mode:


Can't win them all.  At least it proves I was right about the trades, even if it wasn't for real money this time.



Anonymous said...

Hi again !
Tell me - whats the shown time-zone your trades are done in?
The first part today was pre-us-markets only
+ the second after the open ?

Big Mike said...

I am GMT -0600 (Central). The first part was live trades (not sim) overnight from midnight to about 7am.

The second post (this post) was after I already acknowledged I wasn't feeling great, and shouldn't keep trading cash when not feeling good. I was doing things around the house then stepped back in @ the cash open (8:30 my time), and pulled off a couple of trades in sim mode only.

I will always make it very clear if I post results in sim mode. Otherwise, you can assume my cash was on the line! :)


Anonymous said...

cash open (8:30 my time)
OK thanX

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